New Members Always Welcome

New Members are most welcome to join us

What Are You Joining

Freemasonry is the oldest fraternal institution in the world and is spread throughout the globe. Once you join you’ll be one of some 200,000 UK members, 6 million worldwide.

You would be joining our Lodge, Certes Lodge No. 4606. Based in the heart of the London’s West End. We’re one on the most vibrant Lodges around.

You can learn more on the official website for the whole of Freemasonry in England.  The United Grand Lodge of England has this Frequently Asked Questions link, which will give you more details.

Who Can Become a member
Anyone, of age 21 and over, of any background or profession can become a Freemason.  We welcome everyone into our Lodge who have good character and high moral fibre. 


What will I get by becoming Member
Whole books have been written on the what it means to be a Freemason. Some kind, some not so kind. But in the end it really depends on you, what your prepared to give as well as receive. 

Freemasonry endeavours to make good men better men.

What are the main Requirements
The main requirement is that you have to believe in the Grand Architect of the Universe. However what you believe in and how you worship is between you a nd the supreme being. 

The other thing that is forbidden in the lodge is any discussion involving Religion or Politics. It was recognised by our forefathers that these two subjects can cause deep disharmony between men.

Fill Out the Form
The attached form  is the starting point of your journey into the brother hood. 

At no point do you have to commit yourself and in the early stages right up to your “Initiation” (this is the point where you become an active Freemason in a lodge) you can decide not to join.

What happens Next

After you’ve completed the form on the left hand side, pressed send, we’ll get in touch. One of our members will arrange an informal meeting with you, either at a pub, a coffee shop or any other suitable location.

The purpose of this informal meeting is to answer any questions you might have and tell you more about us. We then make a recommendation  to our lodge committee.

If you’re still interested then you’ll be interviewed by the lodge committee, normally at Freemason’s Hall. They will ask you a series of questions and then they will decide if you can become a member.

It Sounds a bit intimidating

All our procedures are a little arcane, they’ve been followed unchanged for many, many years. And everyone  that becomes a brother in Freemasonry goes through the exact same process.

But rest assured, that if you are one of the millions of us law abiding citizens, you’ll have no problems becoming a member. Then you’ll be welcomed as a brother of this amazing organisation.

I’ve been Accepted

After a short deliberation, you will be told immediately that you’ve been accepted.

You will then be invited to one of our formal lodge meetings and there, like all us before you, you will be initiated into our lodge. This occasion is very special,  the lodge dedicates itself to you and only you.

You will receive a date, time and place for your initiation. What you should wear. 

We then look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our fraternity.

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